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South Australian History Sources

An essential reference guide for local and family historians researching in South Australia.

Prussian Past - Polish Present

Reflections on a South Australian Migration Story.

SA Registration Districts of Births, Deaths & Marriages

ISBN: 0947280340

Google My Maps for Family Historians

Create a custom map of locations relevant to your family history, such as where they lived, were baptised and married, where they went to school and...

Birth, Marriage & Death Certificates in Australia

This booklet explains how to access Australian birth, marriage and death records and details the amount of information to be found, which varies from...

Supported Immigration Schemes to South Australia

The booklet outlines the schemes sponsoring immigration to South Australia from the settlement of the colony to post World War II.

Family History for Beginners and Beyond

The book has extensive references for both beginners and the more experienced family historian, and is a practical guide to help readers trace their...