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The SAGHS collection includes many items from copies of district birth, death and marriage certificates on microfiche, to an extensive selection of family and local histories and photographs.

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Microform (Microfiche and Microfilm) collection

These guides are the current listing of all Microfiche and Microfilms held in the library for viewing using our Microfiche readers and Microfilm viewers.

Guide to the Australian collection

Guide to the British Isles collection

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District Records

Birth, marriage and death indexes can be searched in the online database search and the original registrations can be viewed at the SAGHS library at 201 Unley Rd, Unley. You can also order transcriptions for these items from our online database search.

Due to restrictions set by the state Registrar's office, these documents cannot be copied, scanned or photographed, but transcriptions can be made.

Further information is available about What is in a Certificate When?

birthcert sml 

Birth Registrations 1842-1928

Birth certificates give the name of the child, name of the father and maiden name of the mother.

From 1908 onwards, places of birth of the child and parents is given, also the year of the current marriage and number of previous issue (children), both living and deceased.

 marriage P0046 SAGHS sml

Marriage Registrations 1842-1942

Marriage certificates tell who marries whom. Fathers’ names and residence at time of marriage are added in 1858 and in 1908, places of birth of couple are given plus occupations of both, and witnesses have names, occupations and addresses.

<This image is part of the SAGHS Collection, P0046. Marriage of unknown family>


 16930447762 b29aa0b640 z sml

Death Registrations 1842-1967 (Indexes to 1985)

Give name, date and place of death, age , cause of death, relative if a child or married woman, if single woman or mature man (married or single) no relative is given.

From 1908 onwards, place of birth, years in the Commonwealth, age at marriage (or re-marriage) is given and number of issue both living and deceased. Burial places are given from 1948.

(In SA, names of parents and names and dates of birth are not added until 1993)

<Image horse-drawn hearse at Port Adelaide, c. 1920. Courtesy of State Library of South Australia, B36173>