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About the Library

  1. If there is any sort of EMERGENCY a responsible person will take charge. Please follow their instructions promptly.
  2. BAGS, CASES and other HAND-HELD ITEMS that could impede access or cause trips or falls should not be brought into the Library. If in doubt check with staff or the front desk volunteer.
  3. Library users must "CHECK IN" before using any Library resources, and should wear appropriate identification whilst in the Library.
  4. The entire Library premises is a designated NO SMOKING area
  5. EATING, DRINKING and SOCIALISING are encouraged in the amenities areas provided, but not anywhere else in the Library.
  6. MOBILE PHONES should be switched off whilst in the Library.
  7. DIGITAL CAMERAS may be used in the reading room only, but flash photography is not permitted.
  8. Don't infringe COPYRIGHT by excessive copying or printing. Penalties may apply.
  9. Please treat the Society's resources and equipment with CARE, and behave with RESPECT and patience towards fellow Library users and the Volunteers on hand to assist.
  10. IF IN DOUBT on any matter please ask a Volunteer or staff member for help, which they will only be too glad to provide.