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Genealogy SA holds a large collection of primary source family history information, including:

  • Microfiche images of original South Australian District Registrar births, deaths and marriages certificates
  • Original newspaper clippings from which the Newspaper Births and Deaths indexes were derived
  • Headstone transcriptions and in many cases headstone photographs from which the Cemeteries index was derived

Researchers seeking further primary source information are invited to contact Genealogy SA using the form below to request either a "Look-up" or a "Transcription."

Look Ups: For more information on newspaper deaths, newspaper births or cemeteries. Genealogy SA will email a scan of a newspaper notice or cemetery inscription based on a reference supplied by the client. Cost is $14 per request, Member discounts apply.

Transcriptions: For more information on Births, Deaths or Marriages Certificates. Genealogy SA will email a transcription of an original, or copy or microfilm of such original held by the Society, again based on the reference supplied by a client.  Note that death certificate transcriptions are not available between 1967 and 1972 inclusive.

Potential clients need to be aware that a range of certificate styles have been used over the years, with each different version holding different amounts of information. Details of information content on the different transcription versionscan be found here. The cost is $22 per transcription request, Member discounts apply.

Genealogy SA advises that for a Certified Copy of a birth death or marriage certificate you need to contact the South Australian Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages here.

Genealogy SA also recommends the websites of the Centennial Park Cemetery here, and the Adelaide Cemeteries Authority here, for excellent information on burials at these major Adelaide cemeteries.

When applying for more information it is essential that you provide the necessary information, in particular the reference You can initiate an your on-line research request by filling out the following form:

Please Note: By filling out this form you are by no way committing to use our research services - it is merely an efficient means for you to contact us to find out how we may be able to help. Don't forget to provide the information we need in every box on the form so we can contact you promptly.


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