Society Constitution_Update

The SAGHS constitution is undergoing changes and will be reported to the membership at our AGM on Wed 24 October 2018.

A summary of the changes includes;

  • electronic distribution on notices to/from members;
  • authority for Council to set member subscriptions and joining fees;
  • return of near to 50% of Council members retiring each year;
  • adjustment of dates for notices for meetings and for submission of nominations;
  • introduction of a non-voting Affiliate category of membership;
  • restriction on the release of certain information in the Minutes of Council and Committees;
  • inclusion of a section on Definitions;
  • general tidying up in a number of areas;
  • increase in the Fellow criteria from five to fifteen years;
  • reword the declaration of a council vacancy through non-attendance; and
  • allowance for virtual meetings of Council and Committees.

Please email feedback to by close of business Friday 15 September 2018.

A copy of the updated constitution is available here.