Article Of the Year Award

The South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society Inc. has created The South Australian Genealogist: Article of the Year Award. An annual award presented to the author or authors, of the most outstanding article(s) published in the Society journal within a calendar year.

This Society initiative is to encourage family history writing on a smaller scale than a published book, and the submission of quality articles to the Society journal with the possibility of future publication on the Society website.

The award will be judged by members of the Society Family History Writers Group and feedback will be provided to each entrant at the end of the judging process.

A framed certificate will be presented to the award winner or winners at the Family History Book Award luncheon of the following year.

Entry conditions & guidelines  (581KB)

2017 Entries

Journal Edition Page Article Author(s)
November 10 Unsere Theuren Mutter Ben Hollister
November 14 Railway Men of World War One Thelma Fechner
November 17 The Other Edmund Crowe Tina Hocking
November 22 A Sea of Bishops M.J. Fitzgerald
August 12 Shirley’s Story Judy Taylor & Shirley Lane
August 20 Australians Who Served in Serbia Bojan Pajic
August 22 Ferdinand Louis Grund Stuart Tapley
August 38 Germanic Family History Records Aileen Preiss & Ben Hollister
May 7 Ada Laurie: Not So Alone Alison Hicks
May 19 The Kings and I Paul Hughes
May 12 Newenham - A Tangible Reminder Of Our Earliest History Michael Fitzgerald
February 8 The Mystery of Watt or Whitfield Susan Nicholls
February 14 Rev. Joshua Foster, Bible Christian Dympthia Bailey
February 18 Where Does Watsford Come From? Kerry Giles (née Harrison)
February 22 The Wood Family Antique Roadshow Andrew Wood
February 26 Are Headstones Always Correct? Pat Cass