T T REED Family History Book Awards

The Award is made each year for excellence in family history publishing. The book must be published by a
South Australian, or be or be of a substantially South Australian family. For more information and application details, 
see the Book Award Application page.
For information about past Award winners and authors, see the Past Winners page.


From the Will King collum in Adelaide's Sunday Mail

29 June 2014 : Here's a lovely coincidence that could only happen in South Australia. The SA Genealogy Society recently presented awards for Family History Book of 2013. The judges awarded equal first to two books - "Voices Heard Here" by Zoe Ratcliffe, and "Lives Lived Boldly" co-authored by Joan Paasuke and Lindy Taeuber. When Joan was a teacher at Port Lincoln Junior Primary School in the mid 1970s, Zoe was one of her star pupils. Joan recalls being impressed by Zoe's early efforts at story writing, never imagining they would both be equal prizewinners for a prestigious local award.

2014 Award Function

A gala lunch on Sunday 15 June 2014 was held to announce the winners of the Thomas Thornton Reed Award for a 'Family history book featuring a family from SA or written by a SA author and published in 2013'. Judged by a panel of genealogists and writers the equal winners were 'Lives Lived Boldly - The Pontt Family Story' by Lindy Taeuber and Joan Paasuke and 'Voices Heard Here' by Zoe Ratcliffe. 'The Fred and Alma Story - a Stehn Family History' received an Honourable Mention.

'Lives Lived Boldly - The Pontt Family Story' traces the Pontt family from 1850 Germany to Australia. The Pontt story includes massive successes, disasters, disputes, bankruptcies and goal time, redemption and gold discoveries. It reveals the Pontt men and women as being intrepid, tough, resilient characters who played their part in the building of this nation.

'Voices Heard Here' tells the history of eight families, representing the family of each of the author's great grandparents. One of these families is the Mugg family with the author being a sixth generation descendant of Thomas Mugg, who was the first teacher at the Mitcham School (now known as the Mitcham Primary School). The Mitcham street, Muggs Hill Road is named after him.

Other entrants included 'It All Began with Adam' by David Geddes, 'Frederick Bartlett's Pioneeer Ancestors - The Bartletts, Hamps, Johnsons & Brydens' by Carmel Floreani and 'Deaths at Josephine's Gasworks Hotel' by David Coombe.

The event, held at the Adelaide Sailing Club looking over a wintery sea, included maritime displays and historical artefacts brought by entrant authors. Guest speaker Peter Christopher (Director of the City of Adelaide Trust) entertained the guests with an enthralling talk about the quest to bring the clipper ship back to Adelaide.

If you missed the event, 'pencil in' the second Sunday in June 2015 on your calendar.

You may be interested in improving your writing skills via Genealogy SA's 'Family History Writers Group', or entering your book in next year's award. Entries close on 30 January 2015.

Zoe Ratcliffe who won joint first prize at the Family History Awards 
for her book 'Voices Heard Here', receiving her award from
Peter Christopher.

Joan Paasuke and Lindy Taeuber who won joint first prize for their 

book 'Lives Lived Boldy' at the Family History Awards, receiving
the award from Peter Christopher.







Jennifer Stehn receiving her Highly Commended certificate for her 
book 'The Fred and Alma Story', at the family history awards.












2015 Award

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