Family History Book Award Past Winners

2014 Award
First Prize - Family portraits: Matthew and Mary Lock & their descendants in South Australia; Patricia Lock and Dennis Gum
Commended - More savvy than the static: a brief history of the ancestors of Graham Anderson and Diana Hamra in Adelaide, Graham Anderson.

2013 Award
Equal First Prize - Lives Lived Boldy, Joan Paasuke and Lindy Taeuber, and Voices Heard Here, Zoe Ratcliffe
Commended - The Fred & Alma Story, Jennifer Stehn

2012 Award 
First Prize - From Westphalia to South Australia - the story of Franz Heinrich Ernst Siekmann; Peter Brinkworth.
Commended - An Eye to the Sky. A History and Genealogy of the Schmidt Family, Mecklenburg to Australia 1846-2012; Paul Copland and Peter Schmidt.
Commended - Quiet Passages: Temperley and Temby Family History in South Australia, Victoria and Canberra; John Temperley.

2011 Award
First Prize - The Freeman Family of Port Eliott; Pamela Chismon.
First Prize - A Proud Heritage. A History of the Foord Family; Graham Jaunay.
Commended - The Story of the Sibly Family of Warradale; Judith Wurtz.
Commended - Hartwich/Hartig Families 165 Years in Australia; Ian Hartwich.

2010 Award
First Prize - A Little Poor and Destitute Thomas Little and Sarah Vockins of Lambourn Berkshire and Mount Gambier South Australia; Tina Hocking.
First Prize - Five Brothers; the Family of Alexander and Elizabeth Chigwiden in Australia 1839-2010; Gerald A Lally.
Commended - The McLeods from Pabbey and Berneray; Pamela R Chismon.

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