. . . What's the login for?

What’s the login for?

The login is used so that members can gain access to discounts and extra information stored online. Non-members can register a new account (during the check-out process) to purchase transcripts and research services online. Look for the membership links in the menu, above.

Membership (1 Yr)

$121.00 each

Quick Overview of Membership

There are many benefits of being a member of Genealogy SA, and full access to our flagship indexes must be near the top of the list. We are planning to bring additional datasets and indexes on-line for members, and these will start to be added progressively soon.

It important to note that we can only accept membership applications from individuals. Our Constitution does not permit libraries, other family history organisations or community groups to be members at this time.

Full membership benefits and information are provided on our main member's page, and you are encouraged to read more about the advantages of membership.

Membership fees for 2018 are set at AU$99.00 for 12 months, plus a joining fee of AU$22, as required by our Constitution.  The joining fee also applies if a membership has been written off and the member applies to join again.

Application Form

By joining us through this website, you become a member of the South Australian Genealogy & Heraldry Society Inc. If you do not want to join online you can download and complete the Membership application form, then scan and email the completed form to us, with payment details, or post it to :
  Genealogy SA
GPO Box 592,
  Adelaide South Australia 5001.
Email saghs.members@saghs.org.au

Next Steps

Once you have decided you want to join us as a member, there are a few steps to work through:

  • Click on the membership link above to add membership to the Shopping Cart, then click the 'Proceed to Checkout' button
  • You will be asked to register as a new user (or log-in if you have previously registered). This is required so the website knows how to communicate with you
  • Confirm the membership fee and enter your credit card details
  • After your credit card details are accepted, the confirmation page requests additional information about you to allow us to serve you better.
  • You will be required to accept some terms here as part of being a member of our Society.
  • Accept the terms, complete the information questions, and update any of the information fields and press 'Save'
  • You can then start exploring the member only information (remember to logout and log back in to activate your member status).

Membership related questions, saghs.members@saghs.org.au.