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What you Can Search

You are about to search the following Genealogy SA databases:

  • Newspaper Birth Notices Index from 1960 onwards
  • Newspaper Death Notices Index from 1972 onwards
  • South Australia Cemeteries Index
  • Birth Registration Certificates Index 1842 - 1928
  • Death Registration Certificates Index 1842 - 1972 (Certificate transcriptions to 1967)
  • Marriage Registration Certificates Index 1842 - 1937

The default name setting is for an exact search. An exact search will give a null result if there are leading or embedded blanks in the name, and also apostrophes or other punctuation symbols. You may wish to experiment with a wider Soundex search by deleting the tick in the box, but this can take a little longer. Specifying a date range for your search can speed the search process. Please note the date ranges for which information is available in each Index, as date restrictions apply due to government regulation.

We know the database search boxes are very limited, and are a result of a decision taken more than two years ago. Plans are in hand for a radical upgrade of this search model, and we are aiming for the next version to be on-line by the end of 2014.

Great!  A Result!  Is there any more?

If your search narrows down to a person of interest, remember that you have only searched an index. An index is usually an extract taken from a more detailed source document. So if you get a result from our index and you want more, order a source document transcription or lookup, which you can do online through this website.

 No!  Didnt find a thing! 

Well don't quit yet!    If you're certain your missing relative should be in South Australian records, try varying your search. Indexes sometimes have spelling or other errors. Try a soundex search instead of the default exact search. Try some different date ranges. See if there are relatives in the same database around the same time or the same place. 

Since Genealogy SA has been publishing more indexes online, especially the Births, Deaths and Marriages indexes, there has been a marked increase in the number of patrons contacting us to let us know of errors they believe they have found. This is not unexpected when you consider the many potential sources of errors. A few errors have crept in during our index creation process, but there are lots of errors in the original documents, caused by Registrar copying errors, informant errors, and by informants who could not read the entry to check on the Registrar staff. The Society will receive advice of suspected errors, and may be able to correct proven index errors in the future.

Be persistent and try different ways of searching. If all your efforts dont get the result you expect, you could always consider a Genealogy SA Research Request